Alki Fishing Reef

There are two main ways to do this dive, from a boat or scooter from shore. As a boat dive compared to other spots in the PNW it’s good, but as a shore dive it’s awesome!

Plan to splash 30-45 minutes before slack on flood before ebb so you have the current at your back both ways, using Plan Your Dive

Park on the road in front of the stairs across from Me-Kwa-Mooks Park ( 4503 Beach Drive Southwest, Seattle, WA, 98116).

Get your gear down to the water using the stairs on the north end that head into the water.

Take a heading of about 165 on your compass and scoot for 12-15 minutes. You’ll stay shallow for the first 8-10 minutes and then it will start to open up in depth. You’ll likely intersect the middle row of boulder piles around 50-60′.

Look at the bathymetry maps below to note how the 14 big Rock piles don’t actually parallel the shore.

We typically head down to the row of the deepest piles and head toward the far end… Making our way along the long edge of each pile, go all the way around it and then head to the next pile. At the end of the row, do the same on the next shallowness, heading back toward home and reverse at each row.

You need to watch your time and air on this dive in particular as you also need to scoot home for 12-15 minutes after you’re “done”.

Have fun and be safe!

There’s also a nice set of pictures over on NWDiveClub