Pacific Northwest Shore Dives

One of the best things about the Puget Sound is that we have a ton of good to great local shore diving.

I’m told by divers that have moved away to Oregon or even some areas of the tropics like Thailand, it’s the biggest thing they miss. Always having to plan for a boat to go for a splash (while tons of fun) increases cost and decreases when you can go.

Please remember to plan your dives to account for currents, tides, weather, and other hazards (e.g. darkness for exits, boat traffic, etc.). I use these sites to help plan my dives:

Dive Planning Tools

Recreational Dive Sites

  • Alki Cove 2

  • Keystone Jetty

  • Three Tree Point

  • Sund Rock South Wall

  • Sunrise Beach

Great Scooter Dives

Fun Technical Dives

Other Great Resources